Трендмейкеры. 10 лучших фото из инстаграма за неделю #15

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‘You can’t go any further without a hi vis vest on or steel toe caps’,said a man with a strong Australian accent and the size of a small house. He looked pointedly at the flip flops on my feet. I stood at the entrance to the Chelsea Flower show build on the embankment. ‘No problem’, I squeaked and produced boots and a high vis from my straw bag on my shoulder. Satisfied with my now suitable attire he waved me through the gates to the passes office. I was on a quick visit to the show ground to get a feel for the layout and scope of work that I had being staring at for months on my drawing board. The show was in its first stages of build. Tall cranes littered the famous main avenue lifting large trees into place. Drystone walls were being built, decorators we’re giving everything that stood still for long enough a lick of fresh paint. Men and Women with walkie talkies were in constant con-flab and there were a lot of landscapers with hands on hips discussing the finer points of a design with the designers (who you can tell as they wave their arms around a lot). The place buzzed. ‘So this is you’, said the director of shows. We’d left main avenue and headed towards the leafy glade where the bandstand is located. She indicated a large patch of untouched grass. ‘Oh and there are the urns’. We turned to look at the main steps with a pair of urns that towered above my head on either side. ‘Must bring large ladders’, I noted to myself. ‘The footstool isn’t going to cut it’. A couple of hours later my phone rang. ‘Where are you?’ Came the dulcet tones of a dear friend. ‘Umm, just finishing at the show ground’, I said. ‘Really?’ She questioned. ‘No ok, I’m not’, I said trying to balance the phone between my head and shoulder while I stepped out of dress in a dressing room without falling over. ‘ Have you gone shopping?’, the questioning continued. ‘Well, I need a dress to waft in’, I argued. ‘Not while you’re installing it’, she countered. ‘Possibly not’. I admitted with an image of us all in floaty dresses and steel toe cap boots. ‘I’m just enjoying a few moments of not being covered in soil’. ‘Fair enough’, she said. ‘Enjoy’. ‘I will’, I said. 'Have a lovely weekend’. X

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