Трендмейкеры. 10 лучших фото из инстаграма за неделю #23

Когда в каждую работу вкладываешь частичку себя 🙏 @floral_style @art_petrov

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It’s going to be one of those wild and windy days outside today. Wilson and I are huddled on the sofa in the kitchen, drinking coffee, watching the golden Beech leaves swirling in front of the windows while the rain bounces off the patio. I’m not sure either of us want to venture out in this just at the moment especially as my nice new parka coat with extra lining to keep me nice and warm now has a large hole where the pocket used to be. I was slightly befuddled this week when I popped a few dog treats in my pocket and headed out with Wilson for our trot up the hill (avoiding the flat badger). Wilson normally leads the way, eager to pull me up the hill. Today he hung behind… stopping every so often to eat something off the road. Something dead and gross I thought, parr for the course. We get to the top of the hill though and my hands are blocks of ice so pushing them into my pockets I’m quite surprised when the left hand reaches my jeans. There is no pocket. There is a fairly large hole at the bottom… created by sharp little dog teeth! Wilson has been holding back to eat the dog treats that have been falling out of my pocket as we walk. Here I was thinking I’d finally cracked it! I had a dog that walked placidly behind me without pulling my arm out of its socket every time we saw a rabbit or something dead and flat that needed immediate investigation. No, instead, while the family slept Wilson came up and executed his plan in the boot room to extract treats on demand. So today I’m going to have to sew up that hole or find a large piece of fabric to replace the pocket while Wilson sleeps off the effects of eating too many treats and dreams of his next escapade. Have a lovely Sunday. X

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