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Трендмейкеры. 10 лучших фото из инстаграма за неделю #25

Xmas is coming #Christmas #xmas #floraldesign #wintermoments #fleuramour

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There are lots and lots of benefits to living in very rural North Wales on the side of a mountain. It's quiet, really quiet. The only sound of an occasional tractor trundling past the end of the lane. You can hear the owls hooting at night and see the stars in the unpolluted night sky and then there's the space. It would seem that most people like the hustle and bustle of the towns and so you get more space. The drawbacks? Mud, lots and lots of mud, everywhere, all the time. But a real drawback at the moment is the lack of a decent internet signal. Some days any kind of signal would be good. I can wait hours, holding my breath waiting for a client quotation to actually send via email and if it contains more than one image then forget it. Perhaps I should use those Owls. Would be quicker. So imagine our sheer excitement the other day when taking Wilson for his lunchtime walk. A super fast, fibre optic cable snaked along the road past our lane waiting , it would seem,to be fixed to the poles. Wilson showed little interest. It wasn't a dead and decaying carcass or indeed smell of anything sufficiently revolting to warrant a second sniff. Hubby and I looked at each other. Could it be that finally we would be connected to the rest of civilisation? But as we both geared ourselves up for a shoulder lunge and roll into the fibre optic to show our excitement the cable slowly began to disappear back down the road. Howls of despair filled the air. We followed it, trying to stand on the end and started to run as it picked up speed. A group of men in high vis jackets stood at the corner of the road. Holding the now curled up cable. 'Sorry mate', they addressed us. 'Not today. Council says we can't block the road with ladders. Need a permit and traffic lights. Back next year' 'What traffic?' we asked. 'There is only 1 demented DPD van every year and the tractor has been. I'll lie in the road to stop it if you like',I suggested! 'Sorry love. Computer says no! Wilson took a wee up the leg of the telegraph pole and Hubby and I slowly walked back up the road (very slowly now as we were quite exhausted from the previous jog). Oh well, perhaps next year we consoled ourselves X

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I love to work with wax 🎄🔥😊

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Фото с демонстрации в Вильнюсе #литва #Mirata #artemsalmin

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Xmas with vanda# anco pure orchids# Xmas circles# Kufb demonstration#Féerie florale#

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very small fan!!! #weddingflowers #mof #floralfundamentals #flowerstagram #phalaenopsis #miscanthus #masterflorist #flowerdesign

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