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‘Is that a duck floating in Wilson’s mud hole?’, asked Hubby. We stood at the kitchen door peering through the teeming rain into the garden. Sure enough, Wilson’s excavated hole in the lawn was full of muddy water (it’s a big hole, thoughtfully dug in the most inconvenient place fairly centrally and filled with random stolen objects from the house and garden) and now a very happy duck appeared to be taking a morning bath in it as well. ‘Looks like we have a pond’, said hubby. Wilson stood between us, eager to go and discuss the merits of pond building with the duck. ‘I was really hoping to spend some time in the garden this weekend’, I sighed. ‘It’s the first weekend I haven’t been lugging boxes around the back of my van for what feels like forever. The lawn desperately needs attention’. ‘Well it certainly needs something’, said hubby. ‘I don’t suggest you walk across it at the moment though. You could find a sinkhole opens up!’ He retreated back to the kitchen table. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked. ‘Having another coffee’, he said. ‘Waiting to see if it clears up’. ‘Not likely’, I sighed. ‘It appears to have been raining forever’. ‘Oh well’ came a reply from behind a newspaper. I opened the back door. Wilson shot out heading towards his pond. The duck took flight, obviously not wishing to stay around and exchange nicety’s or discuss the weather with the dog. Unperturbed Wilson found a tennis ball and dropped it into the water watching it bob around. Deciding this was a good game he trotted off to find other objects to fill the pond up with. I sloshed my way towards the greenhouse. A sanctuary of hope and promise. Perhaps we could just turn the lawn into a natural swimming pond I thought. Mmm, possibly not relaxing with Wilson’s random objects floating past your nose though I mused. My thoughts returned to my seedlings that were reaching for the light. ‘Hold on little ones’, I said. ‘There’s a rumour we’re going to have sun tomorrow’. Happy Sunday. Wishing you all a bit of sun! Xx

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Happy weekend!

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Великая суббота – день, когда мы готовим пасхальную корзину и блюда праздничного стола)! А я еду в школу @flowersindetails , что бы провести время в прекрасной компании учеников!!! Но кулич испечён и яйца покрашены! ??? Дочка в этот раз взяла ответственность на себя, подготовила тесто и покрасила в луковой шелухе яйца)!!! #пасха #пасха2018 #flowersindetails #7flowers #семинаршаровойольги #нижнийновгород #школафлористикицветывдеталях #шароваольга #ольгашарова А фото уже с Семинара в Нижнем Новгороде)! @greenhome43 Настя, привет! ?

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