Demo bouquet for 38 degree flowers #handtied #bouquet#flowers#japanese #roses#

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На курсе “Identity by Gregor Lersch” оказалось что иду по верной дороге и предпринимаю правильные , точечные и постоянные действия. В кругу друзей , коллег , единомышленников со всех континентов мира мы рассуждали о самоидентификация , о собственном стиле и искали уникальные стороны каждого. Быть собой и действия это главный посыл ! Коллективный разум очень сильный инструмент , даже если говорим на разных языках. Энергия есть ! Благодарю своих старых друзей @zizkonata @anapopova за впечатления и ценность , которые несут наши встречи ☀️

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‘Wilson’! ‘Oh Wilson’. ‘Have you been licking the butter’? I stood at the kitchen table where the butter dish sat, without its lid. Across the top were distinct lick marks gauged out across the top. Wilson looked at me and gave me his best mournful face. ‘I know you’ve been licking it’, I said. ‘ You still have butter in your whiskers, and a few crumbs as well… mmm, what else have you helped yourself too’? I peered at the kitchen table. It was partially laid for lunch. Three empty plates, a bowl of salad in the centre and a suspiciously licked looking butter. ‘What’s up?’, questioned the teenager, opening the fridge. ‘I’m pretty sure Wilson has helped himself to our lunch’, I said. ‘Dad’s made it, then gone into the garden while waiting for us’. There was no reply from the head in the fridge. Hubby reappeared looking very pleased with himself. ‘Made lunch’, he said, waving at the table, ‘and just planted that Cornus kousa that was sat on the lawn in a large pot’. ‘Oh’, that’s great, thanks so much, I replied. ‘Where did you plant it’? I questioned. ‘Well, where you’d left it’, he said, moving towards the table with a concerned look in his face. ‘What in the middle of the lawn’? I questioned. I looked out and sure enough, there was the Cornus in all it’s splendour, in the lawn, just off centre, looking slightly self conscious and quite frankly odd. ‘Why would I want it there?’ I wailed. ‘ I don’t know’, he replied. ‘I just planted it where you’d left it. Where are all the Bacon rolls’? he asked waving at the empty plates. ‘Oh Wilson’! we both cried. ‘Oh gross’, said the teenager. ‘Someone’s licked the butter’! Have a lovely Sunday. Xx.

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Rattan design with white Muscari, Fritillaria and Sweetpea — Barcelona, Spain.

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URBAN ART — ?????- Turning plants into Modern Art — #TeamLeatham — Going green baby

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ТОП 20 Инста аккаунтов флористов в 2018 году